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Do you feel the mystery of the universe all around you?

Come on a magical investigation into your psyche

Join Florence Devereux for a session to explore your astrological chart and to investigate this ancient and mythical language.

When you book a session with Florence you also receive a hand painted mandala of your personal chart and an explanatory booklet enabling you to carry on your investigation at home.

Astrology weaves the heavens and the earth together and your chart marries the structure of our solar system to your personal psyche. Your astrological chart provides an image which aids investigation into your inner being, explore your potential and work through areas of tension.


‘Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.’ C.G Jung, 'Memories, Dreams, Reflections'


Florence Devereux is an astrologer, artist and curator. 

Having received an MA in Comparative Religions and Philosophy from Edinburgh University, Florence studied astrology under the renowned artist and professional astrologer Carmen Galofre.

She enjoys using astrology as a vehicle into a state of connection. Florence values the twin nature of this tool which allows for deep investigations into the self, while embedding that self in a larger network of life. 

She focuses on the poetic and aesthetic joys of this language and revels in its mythic nature that keeps her present to the mystery of life.  This language informs her art practice which focuses on human/earth relations and investigations into the 'ecological self.'    


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‘The seance was extremely comfortable, not pretentious and I felt that her enthusiasm about the subject superseded all. It was a science more than anything. She did not interpret my reading as much as she read it to me from what she saw. From there I took from it what I did, and I took quite a bit. A very guiding experience and reflective one- certainly worth doing. It has lead to a very strong relationship of trust and confidence.’ AliA Radman

When you book you receive..

A hand painted Mandela of your chart 

A two hour session to talk through your card with Florence. 


An explanatory booklet to help you keep unpacking your chart at home. 


Do you want to explore your connection to the cosmos? 

email Florence at 

Or call Florence on 07985601394 for more information 


Florence is co-running an astrology and nature retreat on the island of eilean shona. If your interested in getting to grips with the basics of astrology visit